Exciting arrival

We are all excited in the house today as we have a rather marvellous guest coming to stay, my good friend Lucy who also blogs and you can read it here. This gave me the perfect excuse on Sunday to steam clean my carpets, I know, I need to get out more. To think that Sundays were once about bout lie-ins and Friends re-runs! Now I get excited about cleaning, a sure sign that I am getting old, or should that be going mad? Anyway the house was lovely and clean after a marathon effort and it lasted for about an hour before the girls and Mr C trashed it again. Sorry, Lucy but by the time you arrive the house will be in its usual chaotic state!

Anyway because I had been so good for the last three weeks with my clean eating I let Mr C persuade me that a treat grazing lunch was due. This might have involved dairy and bread and for someone who hasn’t eaten any for three weeks, rather a lot of it. I should not have listened to Mr C. Within an hour I was feeling awful; wiped out, stomach cramps and general feeling of yuck. I barely had any tea and the next day I woke up feeling even worse. I was so worried that I was coming down with something and that Lucy wouldn’t be able to come over. Yesterday, I was really careful and drank loads of fennel tea and today I feel fine. Perhaps it was just a coincidence and not because I ate dairy and bread but for now it is another reason to definitely stick to the clean eating.

Anyway today you can find me over on Laura’s blog which you can read here where she featured me on her blog chat Tuesday. Thanks for inviting me Laura. You should also give Laura’s blog a read, it is a lovely blog.

Anyway I better dash as it isn’t long until Lucy arrives and it looks like she has bought the Yorkshire weather-again! ;-)

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